About ERA

We provide professional human resource and administrative services to small and medium size employers.

We're comprised of individuals who have spent entire business careers working in insurance and administrative fields.

This is especially valuable to our clients, because we have experts on staff that specialize in risk management, administrative systems, and insurance needs for business.

Many companies promote the notion that large numbers of employees (producing greater purchasing power) is the primary advantage of PEO outsourcing, ERA focuses on its ability to provide greater professional services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. While providing competitive insurance products to its clients, the focus of ERA is to provide services that give relief from administrative functions that inhibit our clients from doing what they do best – promoting, managing, and expanding their own business.

Located in Dallas, TX, Employee Resource Administration (ERA) is licensed by the State of Texas and is compliant with all regulations of the Staff Leasing Services Act.

Our Mission

It's as simple as a basic balance sheet.

We want to be an asset that removes many of our clients’ liabilities. We do this by recognizing businesses strive to be as productive as they can be. Our aim is to eliminate the burdens that stand in the way.

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