Diane Axline


Being part of a large family group with 7 siblings, Diane learned very early the value of maximizing resources and time. These traits have served her well in her extensive career in insurance administration, consulting, customer service, personnel management and risk management.

Diane’s career path has been diverse. Beginning her work with Blue Cross Blue Shield in 1973 she learned the intricacies of insurance billing and coding. During her 7-year stint with Blue Cross she not only learned the nuances of administration but served as a beneficiary representative and ultimately moved to the legal department coordinating administrative practices with legal considerations.

In 1981, owing to Diane’s experience with both administration and customer service, she was recruited by Banker’s Life in Dallas to serve as customer service manager for the company’s expanding health insurance business.

After 2 years of success in organizing the carrier’s customer service department Diane received a call from The Carrell Memorial Clinic in Dallas. This well-respected physician group was expanding its operations and needed someone familiar with health insurance company processes to organize their billing and coding department for the greatest possible efficiency.

Diane did indeed help The Carroll Clinic grow and prosper for the next 4 years, but she recognized another developing business approach in the health benefit service sector known as third party administrators. This exciting new approach of offering independent health benefit management to the group health plans of employers was exactly the kind of challenge Diane was seeking, and it eventually led to her meeting her ultimate partners at Group Administrators, Inc.

In 1989 Group Administrators, Inc. (GAI) convinced Diane to become a part of the management team and reorganize and manage the company claims department. She and GAI were very successful in expanding the business and eventually selling GAI to a public company in 1996.

Knowing the capabilities of Diane, the partners of GAI invited her to become a partner and co-founder in their new enterprise Employee Resource Administration (ERA). ERA, being a Professional Employer organization (PEO), is fundamentally dependent on exacting administrative process and attention to detail, and this is exactly what Diane has provided ERA for more than 20 years.

Diane was an avid golfer for 20+ years. She has traveled the world and still keeps a bag packed. She has a love of cooking and very much enjoys hosting parties for family and friends. She has an eye for beautiful fabric leading her to one of her most creative and loved pastimes – designing her own clothes.