Frank Timmins


Frank began his career in 1971 With Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas as a sales representative and was soon given the responsibility to develop business in a new territory. During his years at Blue Cross Frank received numerous marketing and sales awards, and ultimately became the executive account manager for the largest Blue Cross Blue Shield accounts in Texas.

In 1979, following almost 9 years of a successful marketing career Frank left Blue Cross to establish an independent health insurance brokerage along with a partner who was also a veteran of the Blue Cross marketing team. This agency was started from scratch but soon attracted dozens of new company clients who were seeking professional advise for their employee benefit programs.

As health insurance costs spiraled upward in the early eighties Frank recognized the need for hands on administration of group health plans in order to mitigate costs for his clients. This led to the formation of Group Administrators, Inc in 1982. Frank soon took on other partners and sought out experts in the field of administration in order to bring the best expertise possible to manage the growing liabilities of his clients.

For the next 13 years Group Administrators grew to one of the largest operations of its kind in Texas, serving hundreds of clients benefit programs. In 1996 Group Administrators, Inc. was sold to and became part of a public company. Frank and his partners remained with the organization for a year to successfully integrate the new company into the operation.

For the next two years Frank and his partners consulted with clients on employee benefits, and in the process it became apparent there were employment related problems other than benefit plans plaguing these business owners. It seems that Worker’s Compensation, payroll administration, taxes, government regulations and multitudes or human resource issues were becoming very burdensome. Seeing a need that could be filled by the experience and knowledge gained in insurance administration Frank and three other partners established Employee Resource Administration, L.P. in 1999.

Employee Resource Administration (ERA) has grown since inception in 1999 to being one of the leading independent Professional Employer Organizations in the southwest.

Frank Timmins graduated in 1971 with a BBA from Stephen F. Austin University.