Risk Management and Workers Comp

ERA not only provides competitive workers compensation coverage for its clients, but handles the related administrative tasks as well. For example, ERA provides for:
  • Procurement and administration of workers compensation coverage
  • No required annual deposits
  • Submission of premium payments
  • Handling of annual audits
  • Monitoring of related legislative changes
  • Workers compensation certificate upon request
In addition, ERA provides expert safety assistance to ensure that clients are able to minimize the number and total costs of workplace claims. ERA provides:

Work-site Safety Assessment
  • Assessment of overall work environment
  • Identification of hazards and/or OSHA violations
  • Review of injuries and suggestions for corrective actions
Written Safety Program and Training
  • Review of current safety manual
  • Customized safety program designed to meet client specifics needs
  • Outlines for employee safety meetings
  • Support for client management of safety program
  • Assistance with training requirements and needs
  • Training materials available
Management of claims
  • Step-By-Step policies and procedures to follow at time of incident
  • Claim preparation and filing
  • Investigation of claim
  • Maintenance of medical referral network for employees
  • Monitoring of employee and claims adjuster activities