Payroll Services

As an ERA client you will be provided a payroll specialist responsible for working with a designated payroll contact from your company. This specialist will be available to advise and work with your company contact on payroll matters such as procedures, banking issues, and regulatory questions.

ERA offers several options regarding submission of payroll hours and earnings data reporting. ERA's methods can be tailored to fit the requirements and communication capabilities of your company. Once the data has been transferred to ERA, the rest will be handled for you.

As an ERA client, your employees will have the option of direct deposit of payroll checks, which helps alleviate problems such as lost checks and inconvenient banking hours. Other options such as administration of isolated payroll deductions (court ordered child support garnishment, IRS levy, etc.), can be handled by ERA.

In addition, ERA Payroll Services include:
  • Web based time entry report capability
  • Preparation and delivery of payroll, including detail payroll reports
  • Optional check or direct deposit
  • Payroll deductions for insurance plans, and wage garnishments
  • 401(k) deductions and employer match
  • Administration and payment of voluntary and court ordered deductions
  • Employee loans/advances collection and accounting (remittance back to employer)
  • Accrual and tracking of PTO, vacation and sick leave
  • Filing, deposits, and payments of all federal, state and local taxes
  • Processing of W-2, W-3 and other required government forms
  • Custom payroll reports
  • Employment and wage verifications