Human Resources

For years human resources have been an afterthought to many businesses and a luxury to others, because it was not considered central to the bottom line. As times have changed so has the importance of human resources - and not only to large corporations, but small entrepreneurs as well. A well planned approach to human resource practices is as important to the financial health of a company as any insurance coverage maintained to prevent catastrophic business losses.

ERA stays abreast of federal and state laws that impact personnel practices. This alone is a valuable resource for its clients. Most employers find it extremely difficult to keep up with the implications of laws such as Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, ADA, FLMA, HIPAA, Equal Pay Act, COBRA, etc. Not all such laws and regulations apply to all employers. Monitoring which do and when they do is a human resource function.

Employer versus employee disputes are now one of the largest areas of litigation in the country. As it is with workplace accidents, employee lawsuits are best handled before they happen - with preparation and prevention. For this reason, professional human resource practice is a must for business owners.

In addition, ERA Human Resource services include:
  • New Hire reporting
  • Employee paperwork and employment forms
  • Providing all required, up-to-date, state and federal labor posters
  • Providing employee handbooks tailored to a business' specific rules and policies
  • Supervisor training in key HR areas
  • Drug testing and criminal background screening
  • Support with hiring, firing and/or disciplinary action
  • Assisting with employee wage or payroll disputes
  • Unemployment dispute and cost management
  • Assisting with EEOC claims and complaints